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The Company

Welcome to Kozyrna Karta restaurant family!

LLC “Kozyrna Karta Network” – biggest Restaurant family, Ukrainian restaurant market leader, developer of the discount Loyalty program. Only the restaurants bars, hotels, etc., that meet our quality standarts, can become a part of “Kozyrna Karta” discount program  to advertise their establishments and support positive image to ensure business success.

According to agreements, LLC “Kozyrna Karta Network” can not influence Program's participants' economic activity or manage their instituions.

At the moment, “Kozyrna Karta” Loyalty program unites 67 restaurants, 27 of them in Kiev, 9 – in USA. There are more than 1 000 000 Kozyrna card owners across Ukraine. Card holders get discounts and other advantages in the restaurants of the Family.
We have about 7000 employees to ensure quality of service.

More than 20 of world's cuisines are presented in our restaurants – Ukrainian, Italian, Caucasian, European, Japanese, Eastern, etc. Among our establishments – Art-hotel on water “Bakkara” in Kiev and sport-hotel “Selena” in Cherkasy. Concert-hall FREEDOM is also a part of our big Family. “SPARTA-XXI” security company and “VIVA” law firm are alsopart of the brand.

Call +38(044)206-60-60 to get any information you need about “Kozyrna Karta” restaurants, book a table in any establishment, leave your feedback on the quality of service and order food delivery to your adress.

In 2012, during Euro-2012 “Kozyrna Karta” sucessfully implemented Kyiv and Kharkiv UEFA fan-zones project. Kyiv fan-zone has been visited by more than 2.2 million fans, Kharkiv fan-zone – more than 800 000 fans.

In 2012, “Kozyrna Karta” initiated a new project – HoReCa-Holding, involving more than 20 restaurants, to unite other establishments of non-manufacturing business.

“Kozyrna Food” - culinary website with thousands of users' and restaurant chefs' recipes.

We also have a children's loyalty program “Kozyrny Kid's Club” with lessons, master classes and show-programs for kids.


"Kozyrna Karta" restaurant Family - trusted by generations

Anthem of "Kozyrnaya Karta" restaurant network (mp3, 7,4 Mb)