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I have changed my place of residence (telephone, email…). How can I change my data in the form?

Please be sure to send us the information on any of such changes together with the number of your KOZYRNAYA KARTA and FULL NAME to pyatak@callcentre.2k.ua

How can I get a KOZYRNAYA KARTA?

Please read this page to find out how you can get a KOZYRNAYA KARTA

How can I find out statistics of my visits?

Please send a statistics enquiry to pyatak@callcentre.2k.ua (please specify the number of your KOZYRNAYA KARTA, your FULL NAME). A KOZYRNAYA KARTA manager will contact you as soon as possible

I own a 10% KOZYRNAYA KARTA. How can I increase my discount rate?

You can increase your discount as follows:

  • 15% KOZYRNAYA KARTA is handed out by the restaurant administration at their own discretion
  • You can also get a 15% KOZYRNAYA KARTA if your card has more than 30 points. Each visit to any restaurant inside the network is accounted by the statistics program as 1 point when the bill is paid

I have lost my KOZYRNAYA KARTA. What should I do?

You can contact a KOZYRNAYA KARTA manager or restaurant administrator at any restaurant inside the Network if you lose your KOZYRNAYA KARTA card or need to reissue it. You will receive a card of the same rating as your previous one. The lost card will blocked, and statistics of your visits will be transferred to your new card. If any lost KOZYRNAYA KARTA is checked in at a restaurant, it will be withdrawn and won’t give any discount.

How can I get a 20% card?

A 20% KOZYRNAYA KARTA is handed by directors of the Network restaurants, and KOZYRNAYA KARTA management to the most frequent visitors