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Bakkara Hotel

Kyiv, Hydropark, Venice Island, 1
+38 (044) 369-32-32, +38 (044) 369-36-63, +38 (067) 466-98-76

Discounts apply for holders of Kozyrnaya Karta

10% discount
15% discount
20% discount

How are discounts

Bakkara Hotel is the first project of the Kozyrnaya Karta Company at the hotel business sphere; besides, the hotel has entered into the Akkord Hotels Network and completely meets the brand philosophy: to exceed the guests expectations.

Baccara Hotel provides discounts on Kozyrna Karta face value on such kinds of services:

  1. Accommodation – one Kozyrna Karta per one room (for Kozyrna Karta holders only)
  2. Meals at Grand Piano restaurant

Discounts are not provided for:

  1. Rent of halls and equipment
  2. Special propositions and actions
  3. Additional services such as laundry, dry cleaning, etc.