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Terms of use

Rules for Card Use

  • Kozyrnaya Karta card is activated after filling in all the fields in the application form (the application form is available in all restaurants of the Network).
  • Kozyrnaya Karta card is personalized and can’t be transferred to another person.
  • One Kozyrnaya Karta card can be registered only to one holder.
  • To receive a discount the person should provide the Card. Otherwise the venue may refuse to grant the discount.
  • Changes in your telephone number or other data must be reported by telephone at the following number: (044) 206-60-60.
  • A Lost Kozyrnaya Karta card shall be blocked by the holder via the following number (044) 206-60-60. A blocked Kozyrnaya Karta card does not provide any discount.
  • Kozyrnaya Karta card is the property of the Kozyrnaya Karta Company and it can be withdrawn according to the decision of the company or the administration of one of the venues.

Terms and Conditions of the Discount Program

  • The starting date of participation in the program is the date of registration of the Kozyrnaya Karta discount card according to the established procedure (by filling in all mandatory fields in the application form).
  • The Kozyrnaya Karta Company has the right to use the data indicated in the application form for correspondence and sending of letters, messages, and e-mails without the right of data disposal to third parties.
  • Every guest of Kozyrnaya Karta restaurant Network, who is over 18, can participate in the program. Every guest should participate in the program individually.
  • Participants in the discount programs are guaranteed to get discounts on services in all restaurants of the Network by providing the Kozyrnaya Karta card. The amount of the discount corresponds to the nominal value of the plastic Kozyrnaya Karta card (-10%, -15% or -20%), except for the restaurants "Murakami", "Tarantino Italian&Grill", "Koza-Dereza", "Hlopok", which provides a 10% discount, as well as "Kalinka-Malinka" which offer a fixed -5% discount. The Company reserves the right to change the restaurants participating in program without prior notification.
  • Discount under Kozyrnaya Karta card is not provided if:
  1. a guest is served with special vouchers with a fixed sum for service;
  2. service is provided during happy-time;
  3. discounts cannot be combined.
  • Kozyrnaya Karta card cannot be subject to sale, granting or inheritance.
  • In case the Card is not used during 6 months starting from the date of registration or during 12 months starting from the date of the last visit to the restaurant, it can be cancelled. A cancelled Kozyrnaya Karta card and its data will not be restored.
  • The Kozyrnaya Karta Company reserves the right to cancel or change the Program or part of it anytime either with prior notification or without it. The Kozyrnaya Karta Company shall not bear responsibility for any losses or damages incurred as a result of such changes or cancellation.