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26 apr 13 News
The restaurants of "Коzyrnaya Karta" Family are 100 % ready to accept the guests! Terraces, grounds and pavilions for any taste are opening through the whole city, there is nothing for you to do but decide, what do you want today more
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15 feb 17 News
The legendary Armenian "ArArAt" cognac and the family of restaurants "Kozyrna karta" present Meat specialties collection! Chefs of 14 capitals "Kozyrna Karta" restaurants cook 3 special dishes from finely selected meat every day
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Double discount on St. Nicolas day!
30 nov 16 Kid's Club
views: 3180
Cheer right with Bonaqua!
25 oct 16 Participating restaurants
An excellent coffee with a perfect water Bonaqua - your right combination at "Kozyrnaya Karta" restaurants
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19 sep 16 Restaurant-brewery "Shato Robert Doms"
Live music, a lot of beer, delicious food and contests with gifts at the Festival of positive emotions on September 25th in "SHATO"!
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