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Best spring present!
12 apr 17 News
Gift certificate for a visit to one of the "Kozyrnaya Karta" restaurants is the perfect thing to give to your loved ones, friends and colleagues
views: 6157
Special offer from ТМ Becherovka в in “Kozyrna Karta” restaurants!
02 feb 16 Participating restaurants
Warm gift from Becherovka! Through the whole February - 30% for shots from Becherovka in “Kozyrna Karta” restaurants
views: 2856
Warm holidays with Nemiroff
29 dec 15 News
New Year's offer from "Kozyrna Karta" restaurant Family and TM Nemiroff - third bottle for FREE!
views: 2062
Second cheburek or yantyck for free in
31 aug 15 Tyubeteyka on Tarasovska
Through the whole September, second cheburek or yantyck for free for all guests due to the cheburek festival in “Tyubeteyka on Tarasovska”
views: 3841
On June 7, FUN FAMILY FEST in “Kozatskyi Stan”!
22 may 15
On June 7, “Kozatskyi Stan” welcomes on a great family picnic FUN FAMILY FEST!
views: 1899