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Magical days of love in “Kozyrna Karta”

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Magical days of love in “Kozyrna Karta”
Only on February 13 and 14 in "Kozyrna Karta" restaurants – Special offer for St. Valentine’s day!

Here in “Kozyrna Karta” restaurant Family we like to create a special atmosphere for our guests! 
Only on February 13 and 14 and only in "Kozyrna Karta" restaurants – special offer "Kozyrny Valentine"
Book a table for two by calling (044) 206-60-60 and get a romantic setup, specially served table and two glasses of wine for FREE!

Call (044) 206-60-60  at any time and book a table with special offer "Kozyrny Valentine" in following restaurants: 





"Black Piglet"

"Kozachok Osokorky"

Kozachok Sovky"

"AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets Berezovka" 

"AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets Glevaha"

"AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets Kozelets" 

"AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets Kremenchug" 

"AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets Kononoka"

"AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets Myronovka" 

"AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets Shevchenkovo"

AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets Sofyevka" 

"AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets Odessa"

"AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets Mytnytsa"