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Kozyrna Fan Zone Euro 2012
In 2012, Ukraine and Poland have become the football forum host countries for the strongest European national teams - Euro 2012. Hundreds of thousands of European tourists visited our country to support their teams. Kozyrna Karta could not stay out of such an important event, and became the operator of two official Fan Zones Euro 2012
Event Description

Kozyrna Karta Restaurant Family has became an official partner of UEFA and operator of two official fan zones of Euro 2012 in Kiev and Kharkov during Euro 2012. We have created all the conditions for football fans to enjoy this grand sport event for the entire month. On the territory of fan zones in Kyiv and Kharkiv everyone could feel the amiable atmosphere of the football festival with friends and fans from other countries.

The main purpose of organizing fan zones of Euro 2012 in Kyiv and Kharkiv – was to provide guests with a comfortable viewing of the football matches, good food and safe pastime. But, except the very football matches, guests witnessed the colorful shows and stage performances of world music stars such as Elton John, Queen, Armin van Buuren and Nino Katamadze.

Successful organization of the football festival noted not only the fans, but also the representatives of UEFA, and this suggests that the work of the Kozyrna Karta staff in the preparation and implementation of the project was on the highest level, where everyone from the team proved to be a real professional. The statistic confirms this: during one month of Eurofootball the Kyiv fan zone was visited by 2.2 million people, in Kharkov, the number was - 758 thousand visitors.

First things first

Many fans will remember Euro 2012 not only as a beautiful and memorable event, but also as a delicious feast. Catering company "Holiday Service" was able to organize such a leisure which provided a great feast, promptly responding to all culinary wishes of the Fan Zone guests. Only for one month on the main square in Kyiv 80 thousand packages of food, more than 470 thousand liters of alcohol and 100 thousand liters of soft drinks were sold.

For the Fan Zone in Kharkiv, these figures were as follows: 96 thousand liters of low-alcohol, 25 thousand liters of soft drinks and 20 thousand packages of food. Provide such a turnover helped 300 employees, who worked at the trade locations in Kyiv and Kharkiv.

Creation of fan zone - was a serious engineer effort: underpinning of communications, electricity, etc. This task was successfully fulfilled in Kyiv and Kharkiv, so all the technical issues have been settled in advance, and the system was running without failures, like a Swiss clock. 60 people of the technical staff were involved for this.

The safety issues during a grand football marathon should also be mentioned. It was on the highest level, staff of the security company "Sparta XXI" guaranteed calm and friendly atmosphere, they worked in close collaboration with the authorities of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Emergency Situations and the SSU. Every day from 180 to 320 employees of the security firm guaranteed safety pastime to the fans in Kyiv Fan Zone, and in Kharkiv - on average 170 people per day. In addition, the Fan Zone area was fully controlled by surveillance cameras.

Finally it is worth noting the gratitude to the team members of fan zones "for their significant contribution to the quality and success in organization of the final part of Euro 2012 ", which was expressed by the heads of Kyiv and Kharkiv city administrations.

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