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DEJAVU Festival 2005
We are looking for talent!
October 19-20, in the concert hall "FreeDom" was held the first annual festival of restaurant music, "Déjà Vu", devoted to the 6th anniversary of the restaurant of the same name in Kiev. The holiday showed that there are many talented musicians in Ukraine.
Event Description

"Kozyrnaya Karta" brought together fans of restaurant music at the end of October in Concert-hall "FreeDom" at the Festival of Restaurant Music "Deja Vu". Not surprisingly, that the network of restaurants initiated a similar event as the festival was timed to the 6th anniversary of the cult loved by many people Kiev restaurant "Déjà Vu".
You can hear your favorite hits of 80s, songs which grew more than one generation, feel the atmosphere of past years and to meet friends came celebrity guests. The host of the event was legendary Valeriy Syutkin. Before numerous audience during two days were the best bands from all over Ukraine.

In the first evening the musicians presented their trademarks: 3 songs of the Soviet music of 70-80s. In the second - the songs from the movies of 60-80s. Mandatory condition was performance "live", that for restaurant musicians is quite familiar! A striking finale of the festival was a joint jam session  of contestants and members of the jury of the festival.
The third prize and audience award won the group Merry Hunters, the second place took the band "Klondayk". A grand prize - a one-year contract with a network of restaurants "Kozyrnaya Karta" was taken to Odessa by Love Makers.
Festival "Deja Vu" will be held annually, and we hope that more than once we will sing with you our favorite hits!

Venue: Concert-hall "FreeDom"
Date: October 19-20, 2005
Honorable members of the festival: Valeriy Syutkin
Restaurants groups: group "Merry Hunters", group "Klondayk," group "Love Makers"

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