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DEJAVU Festival 2006
There is only a moment between the past and the future...
Again in Kiev, it is a time of honest music! October 20, 2006 in the concert hall "FreeDom" for the second time was held a festival of restaurant musicians "Déjà Vu", organized by the Network of restaurants "Kozyrnaya Karta". And again it was fun, delicious and fairly!
Event Description

On October 20, 2006 in the Concert-hall "FreeDom" was held the restaurant music festival "Deja Vu 2006." For the second year in a row the network of restaurants "Kozyrnaya Karta" gathered together friends and arranged a holiday that exceeded all expectations.

So what is a "restaurant music"? Good songs over the years are getting better. To these songs we meet up with old friends and bosom acquaintances, beloved people, to them, we remember the youth and the first love. These are the songs sounded at the stage of Concert-hall "FreeDom" on this day. Without exception, all songs were performed live, approval of performance was not only loud applause of the audience, but also the dancing couples. And how not to dance to these wonderful motifs like "Iceberg in the Ocean," "Letyashchey pokhodkoy" or "Zemlya v iluminatore"?

Participation in the Festival took 10 groups from all over Ukraine. Their performances, proved that they are really the best groups playing the restaurant music. The host of the evening was Valeriy Syutkin.

The jury was the people who know a lot about honest music. On the one hand - the authors of the immortal hits - Arkadiy Ukupnik, Chris Kelmi, Oleksiy Hlyzin and Valeriy Syutkin. On the other hand - the connoisseurs of tastes of restaurant frequenter - Denys Sylchenko, Nikolay Brovchenko, Serhiy Predko and Andriy Zadorozhnyi.

After heated discussion of the jury there were determined the winners.
The Audience Award got the group from Mykolayiv "Veselyie stakanchiki". Third place took the Kiev group "Black Ket." Second place also win musicians from Kiev - "Lehkyi flirt." The first place and a grand prize - a one-year contract with the company "Kozyrnaya Karta" - win the group “Misto” from Kharkiv.

The end of the ceremony was the collective performance of well-known song by Chris Kelmi "Closing the circle." Participants and members of the jury of the Festival on the stage, many guests in the hall - all together they sang about love, friendship and good power of music. Delicious gift for any and all of those present was the birthday cake in the shape of a guitar - the emblem of the Festival.

Venue: Concert-hall "FreeDom"
Date: October 20, 2006
Honorable members of the festival: Arkadiy Ukupnik, Chris Kelmi, oleksiy Hlyzin and Valeriy Syutkin.
Restaurant groups: the group "Aerodzhungli" (Odessa), the group " Veselyie stakanchiki " (Kiev), the group "Black Ket" (Kiev), the group "Lehkyi flirt" (Kiev), "Misto" (Kiev)

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