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DEJAVU Festival 2007
The song does not say goodbye to you
Music in the restaurant and restaurant in the music ... on October 5 and 6, 2007 in Sport Hotel "Selena" in Cherkasy was held the third annual Festival of the restaurant musicians "Déjà Vu"
Event Description

Three years in succession the network of restaurants "Kozyrnaya Karta" in common with the USP agency organize the festival "Deja Vu". On October 5,6  2007 in Sport Hotel "Selena", in Cherkasy, was held the annual festival of restaurant musicians "Déjà vu".

For two days, guests, participants, jury enjoyed the fresh air, impressions, excellent service and, of course, the best music in the world.
In the festival of restaurant musicians "Déjà vu 2007" took part 10 music groups from all over Ukraine, as well as a team from Tbilisi, so it is safe to say that the event gets an international status.
The high status of the festival requires the presence of the jury who really knows a lot about music, whose songs have become hits. The jury this year included immortal pop stars of 70s-90s. - Mikhail Boyarsky, Lubov Uspenskaya, Anatoliy Yevdokimov. The host, third year in succession, was Valeriy Syutkin.

The participants presented to guests and competent jury compositions of the Soviet and foreign music of 80s - 90s. On the first day of the contest with solo performances rejoiced audiences Mikhail Boyarsky, Lubov Uspenskaya, Valeriy Syutkin and Anatoliy Yevdokimov. For the first time in the Festival "Deja Vu" took part dance groups.

The winners of the Festival "Deja Vu 2007" among the musical groups are:

  • 1st place – the group "Natural Studio" from Tbilisi
  • 2nd place - Kiev - the group "Esperanza"
  • 3rd place - the group "Music City" from the city of Kharkiv.

The winners of the first dance competition, which took place during the Festival, "Déjà Vu" were:

  • 1st place - "My Way" (Kiev)
  • 2nd place - "Forsage" (Kiev)
  • 3rd place - ballet "Viva" (Kiev)

The festival came to an end with dances, songs, festive fireworks and a special guest performance of the festival - the group "Djankoy Brothers". The fun didn’t calm down until the morning, because all people without exception, were sick with sweet nostalgia!

Nostalgia - it is a disease of those who have something to remember...

Venue: Sport-Hotel "Selena", Cherkasy
Date: October 5, 6, 2007
Honorable members of the festival: Mikhail Boyarsky, Lubov Uspenskaya, Valeriy Syutkin, Anatoliy Yevdokimov, Gregoriy Chapkis.
Restaurants groups: the group "Natural Studio" (Tbilisi), the group "Esperanza" (Kiev), the group "Music City" (Kharkiv).

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