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DEJAVU Festival 2008
All good things are not forgotten
On October 17-18, 2008 deck of the cruise liner "Zirka Dnipra" became a territory of the most cheerful deja vu, the right music and a pleasant culinary surprises – "Deja Vu Jam Session '2008"
Event Description

On October 17-18, 2008 on the cruise liner "Zirka Dnipra" the Network of restaurants "Kozyrnaya Karta" in common with USP Events agency held the most nostalgic celebration of post-Soviet space - music cruise "Deja Vu Jam Session 2008."
Guests of the festival were well-known businessmen and showbiz stars, friends of our network, as well as all those who love high quality pop music and an unusual holiday.

Within two days of the festival participants were immersed in an atmosphere of "Déjà Vu" – atmosphere of quality pop music of 70-80s, merriment and a variety of entertainment. Guests were playing backgammon, dancing, singing karaoke, enjoying the belly dance and hookah in the lounge bar. And of course they were looking forward to performances of stars of the festival. At this year's festival were invited meters of Soviet music: Yuriy Antonov, Ihor Saruhanov, a group "Plamya" and a group of Stas Namin "Tsvety". But the heart of the festival was still a jam session. On the ship arrived best restaurant groups: "Mery Weather Hunters", "Lehkyi flirt," "Monetnyi dvor", "Discovery".

In the program of the festival was planned one more surprise. On the board arrived the participants of the contest "Miss Cruise 2008". During two days they fought for the title of the best and a diamond gift. In the first evening took place a semifinal of the beauty contest and, of course, a real jam session with the participation of all 6 groups, and then - the star concert with the participation of the group "Plamya" and Ihor Sarukhanov, which this time brought with him a team and new songs . The evening of the first day came to an end with a disco of 80s from  Autoradio, General radio partner of the festival.

On the second day of the festival guests were treated with the fish soup, entertained with competitions and, of course, music. That evening was held the final of "Miss-Cruise", the winner, Liliya Kudlay, received a diamond award from the "Diamond boutique."

Star concert opened the group of Stas Namin "Tsvety". Later, on the ship arrived maestro of pop music Yuriy Antonov. After the concert, visitors didn’t intend to go away, so disco "Come on, Come on" was a good time. Serhiy Predko sang with the musicians, and Andriy Zadorozhnyi pouring drinks at the bar. "After our events, guests are becoming kinder, who on 1 percent, and who on 99. Here's what I like!", - said Andriy Zadorozhnyi, author of the idea of ​​"Kozyrnaya Karta".

"Deja Vu jam session 2008" is over, long live Deja Vu 2009!

Location: The cruise liner "Zirka Dnipra"
Date: October 17, 18, 2008
Honorable members of the Festival: Yuriy Antonov, Ihor Saruhanov, the group "Plamya", Stas Namin and the group "Tsvety".
Restaurants groups: Mery Weather Hunters (Kiev), "Lehkyi flirt" (Kiev), Monetnyi dvor (Kiev), Discovery (Kiev).


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