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DEJAVU Festival 2009
Music a la naturel
The fifth festival "Deja Vu" has coincided with a jubilee - the tenth anniversary of the restaurant. During the four days of the festival, from 10 to 13 of October, at the now legendary stage of "Déjà Vu" had a good time the dream-team of celebrated artists ...
Event Description

October 10, 2009, at 20:00 sharp in the Salon-restaurant "Déjà Vu" was launched the 5th anniversary Festival Marathon “Deja Vu 2009”.

This event was remarkable for many reasons.
First, the Festival 2009 is already the fifth, that is, an anniversary.
Secondly, the loud music event lasted for 4 days long.
Thirdly, the holiday was held with the support of the International Brand NEMIROFF, general partner of the network of restaurants "Kozyrnaya Karta".
Fourthly, simultaneously with the Festival was celebrated the 10th anniversary of the legendary Salon-restaurant "Déjà Vu".
Fifthly, the participants of the Festival Marathon were:
- October, 10 – Pop-group "Sinyaya Ptitsa" and Yevgeniy Osin
- October 11 - Alexander Barykin and Vladimir Presnyakov
- October 12 marathon was supported by Alexander Ivanov and the group "Rondo", Sergei Galanin and the group "Serga" as well as Dzhango, and October 13 - Maxim Leonidov and Pop-group "Tsvety."

Thanks to the comfortable accommodation in the new art-hotel "Baccarat" all the artists went on the stage well-rested and ready to perform night after night. During all four days of the festival here was fun and so fervently that, regardless of age and social status all guests were dancing and singing. And how could it be otherwise, if on the stage were performed the most emotional songs, and in the hall were just friends? In addition, for guests there were provided many surprises: a huge bowl with grapes from TM WINE MAN, the heady regaling from the International Brand NEMIROFF, General Partner of the holiday, and birthday cake ...

In all concert evenings personally Serhiy Predko and Andriy Zadorozhnyi sang the anthem of "Deja Vu". Vocal support for trump performers was provided by all the guests.

Location: Salon-restaurant DEJAVU
Date: October 10, 11, 12, 13,  2009
Honorable members of the festival: Pop-group " Sinyaya Ptitsa ", Evgeniy Osin, Vladimir Presnyakov, Alexander Barykin, Alexander Ivanov, the group "Rondo", Sergei Galanin and the group "Serga" Dzhaango, Maxim Leonidov, Pop-group "Tsvety".


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