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DEJAVU Festival 2010
Music tied us together
Really beautiful songs live in the soul forever. They will sound in the power of light, sufficiently friendly company and acquaintances and familiar chords. For the sixth time – in a luxurious rock 'n' roll atmosphere of salon-restaurant "Déjà Vu" gathered hot company of friends
Event Description

Cheerful music event held in support of the General Partner of the Network of Restaurants "Kozyrnaya Karta" - an international brand NEMIROFF.
Deja vu ... This was all there! In reality with each of us! On November 10 and 11 at a jam session DEJAVU 2010!
In a fresh, updated only after the repair salon-restaurant "Déjà Vu" was held the famous festival of honest music.
In the two evenings "Deja Vu" became the brightest and the most stellar restaurants in the capital - the number of celebrities and regular visitors per a square meter stroke an imagination. Among the guests were Tala Kalatay, Olha Sumska, Dmytro Kolyadenko, Ruslan Yevdokymenko, Olexander Shovkovskyi, Taras Kraskin, Yevhen Chervonenko, Victoria Tihipko, Iryna Turbayevska, Kateryna Serebrianska, Anna Sedokova, Masha Zhulay, Fagot, Kulbaba, Dantes and Oliynyk, group Real O, Serhiy Prytula with his wife, Olexander Pedan, Antonina Paperna, Olexiy Zalevskyi, Serhiy Yermakov, Andriy Kishe and his wife, and hundreds of other well-known persons. Two nights in a row at this stage were Iryna Bilyk, "Chyzh & Co", Dzhango, Ihor Saruhanov, Serho Chanturia, as well as such music groups as "Paradox", "Kontrabas", "Band of Bangladesh", "Light Flirt" and "Beethoven". During intervals hilarious musical mood was kept by lively sets of DJ Mishukoff.
Partner of the event also took part in improving the mood of the guests, who appreciated the treats from the favorite whiskey Jameson.

Epochs are changing, but traditions like a music are eternal. Dance Macarena, performed by the waiters, reminded the audience that it's all the same "Deja Vu" - beloved and home, just a little grown-up and matured. As on any birthday party guests tried a delicious cake.
Loud chord of the evening, as we had for many years, became a performing of anthem of salon-restaurant "Déjà Vu" by Serhiy Predko. It was found out that guests do not just love this life-affirming song, but also know the words by heart and sing it with pleasure.

When the merriment reached its apogee, when the soul was singing in each guest individually and all together, its embodiment got the name of event - at the stage of "Deja Vu" came Serhiy Predko, regular guests and well-known musicians from Kiev and organized impromptu jam session. Such a sincere, emotional, and most importantly - quality performance of favorite songs the audience didn’t hear yet.
Happy Birthday, "Deja Vu"!

Location: Salon-restaurant DEJAVU
Date: November 10, 11, 2010
Honorary members of the festival: Iryna Bilyk, Chyzh & Co, Dzhango, Ihor Saruhanov


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