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Kozyrnaya BIRTHDAY PARTY 2008
15 years of tasty and joyful life
We are 15 years old! 15 years of tasty and joyful life lived with you, as far as without you all our achievements would be impossible... Unforgettable show, wonderful Guests – blossom of nation, unique atmosphere in a circle of loving hearts, big festive cake, and of course presents!
Event Description

On June 20-21, 2008 Kozyrnaya Karta Restaurant Network together with Soyuz Viktan Company have arranged the biggest and  the most colorful party in 2008. During two days in the halls of the International Exhibition Center together with 12 thousand of guests the biggest restaurant network in Ukraine was celebrating the 15th anniversary of its tasty and joyful life. During two days in 8 p.m. 88 restaurants were opening their doors to regular guests inviting to the real fairy-tale.

Spacious and colorful Alley of Presents  (Promenade) attracted the attention by various bars where one could rest  with a glass of cocktail or champagne, meet with friends, have a talk with dear people. Almost everybody could be seen there! Actors, singers, politicians, businessmen, sportsmen, celebutantes – Ekaterina Serebryanskaya, Sergey Bubka, Andrey Dzedzula, Olga Sumska, Vitaliy Borusyuk, Vladimir Moiseenko,  Vladimir Danilets, Ostap Stupka, Yuriy Horbunov, Yevgeniy Papernyi, Yevgeniy Cherniak, Mikhail  Radutskyi, Aleksander Kardakov… In a word, the most famous and popular people in Ukraine. The company-partners' activities  have gladden the guests with a lot of pleasant surprises and presents. However, the main show was ahead.

The guests have comfortably taken their seats around the tables with meal in a big festively decorated banquet hall. The banquet was arranged by the biggest Holiday Service catering restaurant. Specially for this holiday 9,000 bottles of wine were acquired, more than three tons of meat dishes, two and a half tons of cheese, more than four tons of vegetables and 8 tons of fruits were prepared. During two days the banquet was served by 900 high-qualified waiters and 400 professional chefs.

The lights went out in the hall, the blare of the trumpets sounded, and the Freedom show-ballet has demonstrated the extraordinary and fancy performance, and under the guidance of Tina Kandelaki and Dmitriy Dibrov a bright, fairy and captivating show has started, which was staged by the famous Ukrainian producer Semen Gorov.
The music program has started with the performance of the band named after a wonderful actress, a beautiful woman and  a rather cool person – Uma Thurman. Further on the  guests have got the ocean of positive emotions from the performance of the popular Ukrainian Okean Elzy band.  Then followed the culinary defile demonstrated  by the best chefs and waiters of Kozyrnaya Karta restaurants  — appetizing creativity show of  the real professionals.  

The show was continued  by the restaurants. Annual traditional Parade of the Restaurants at this time has arranged the trip for the guests from the past to the future.  Tasty and joyful Kozyrnaya history has begun 15 years ago from the opening of the Miami Blues, Non-Stop restaurants, Hollywood club, Shato de Fleur, Deja Vu…

Kozyrnaya Karta was moving ahead in quantum leaps, every year opening new venues – different by style, cuisine, geography. In 2008 there were 88 of them – the restaurants of the Russian, Ukrainian, Caucuses and Oriental cuisines... They are situated in the biggest cities and on the main highways of Ukraine, also 5 restaurants are situated in New-York.  They are united by the highest quality of service and dishes, and belong to the biggest network of restaurants in the country. One by one the managers of the restaurants took the floor contributing their share to the huge festive cake. When the colorful parade was about to finish, the heroes of occasion as well as ideologists of the company – Andrey Zadorozhnyi, Dmutriy Galbmillion, Vadim Kozin and Sergey Predko – have come up on the stage under the storm of applauses. The big cake with candles, traditional performance of a song about tasty and joyful life, about friendship and support – the anthem of Kozyrnaya Karta – everything seems to be so conventional and expected, but every time this show causes the storm of applauses and lots of smiles. 

From that moment the stage was at the complete disposal of musicians and dancers. Eyes and ears of the guests were fasten on Garik Sukachev, a Man-Seriousness, a Man-Rock and Roll, and a Man-Charisma! When one runs out of words and the  wish to continue the greetings is still alive, it is high time for fascinating dance, like that performed by A6 show-ballet. Further on the excitement was supported by the hot Byelorussian boys who could turn the audience on at any place – either in Sochi, or in Kerch, or in Kiev at Kozyrnaya BIRTHDAY PARTY 2008 –  Liapis Trubetskoy band.
The most steady guests stayed there till sunrise, gladdening and congratulating the huge Kozyrnaya Karta team with 15th anniversary of its tasty and joyful life!

Event provider:
- KOZYRNAYA KARTA restaurant network
- HOLIDAY SERVICE catering company
- Agency USP Events


Video on YouTube:

Kozyrnaya BIRTHDAY PARTY 2008
Kozyrnye People program
Garik Sukachev and Neprikasayemye band
Uma Thurman band
Okean Elzy band
Liapis Trubetskoy band


Venue: International Exhibition Center  
Date: 20-21 June 2008
Number of guests invited: 12 000
Performers:  Uma Thurman band, Okean Elzy  band, Garik Sukachev and Neprikasayemye band,  Liapis Trubetskoy  band
Anchors: Tina Kandelaki, Dmitriy Dibrov
Presents: barbecue grill set

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