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Kozyrnaya LOVE PARTY 2007
The Night of Open Hearts
The 14th, 15th and 16th of June 2007 was the time of undissembled sincerity and mutual love. The most lyrical occasion of the summer period. The most romantic party in 2007. The most hearty performers. The most hospitable and generous banquet...
Event Description

14th , 15th and 16th of June 2007 the Kozyrnaya Karta restaurant network together with ТМ SV and USP agency have arranged the party for friends - Kozyrnaya LOVE PARTY 2007. Unforgettable regarding its scale occasion  was taking place during three days in two halls of the International Exhibition Center – here the whole area with the cafes, restaurants and entertainments was arranged. Among 22,000 visitors who appreciated the high quality and service were politicians, businessmen, artists, designers, sportsmen, anchormen, stage and cinema stars, celebutantes.

In the sunset beams the real romance was arising. To the strains of the string orchestra the guests have found themselves in the land of love - on the territory of Kozyrnaya  LOVE PARTY 2007.
Directly at the entrance Elvis Presley and Concert-hall FreeDom suggested volunteers to join their hearts in marriage.  Bridal couples were given the certificate and the ceremony was verified by the real wedding rings.

Further on the guests were met in the Promenad hall which was resembling the real Paris street.  Once the guests have crossed the threshold they got the pleasant presents from the restaurant network. Diamond Boutique has gathered those who were eager to make the photos with Marilyn Monroe.  Cupids SAMSUNG were striking the hearts of the guests with arrows, and ТМ MEDOFF has performed the fire show. Everything they wanted the guests were able to find in the Promenade Hall – a lot of cafes, dancing performance, ordering of professional portraits, presents, courtesies for ladies (under the guidance of Kievstar Company every lady got the red rose) and two big mice.

Encouraged by the unusual beginning the guests have gradually reached the key point of the event  - banquet hall with the total area 16,000 sq.m. where the main events took place. The big banquet with thousands of guests impressed with its variety of dishes  - meat dishes from ТМ Fuagra and ТМ Certified Angus, excellent drinks from the event partners - ТМ Koktebel, ТМ ArArAt and JOHNNIE WALKER, sweets, fresh fruits: The best 1,200 waiters were serving this big event.

Meanwhile at the stage the faery show was going on. Young and talented musicians from Sahara band have opened the  magic evening of sincerity and love. The young Ukrainian star Ivanna has presented to guests  the open and sexy show on the stage.  The anchors – lovely Alexander Ponomarev and Irina Bilyk – guided the guests providing good mood and pleasant impressions. As it usually happens with the stars, they were a  bit late, and started the live broadcasting directly from the limousine. The ace of trumps Yuriy Antonov has taken the nostalgic people into the time travel.  However, the moral  champion of Eurovision Verka Serdyuchka has rapidly carried everybody back to the 21st century. Is it possible to stay calm when you hear from the stage the lively patter "Ziben ziben ai lyu lyu"?! Mikhail Shufutinskyi, appreciating the general atmosphere of love, has even sung the song about Khreshchatik.  Tina Karol has appeared in especially delicate image, and her voice as always was at her best. Aleksander Ivanov and Rondo band have remained the same  - they are still so energetic, lively and full of eagerness to share it with their audience. Svetlana Loboda and Ani Lorak are not just popular singers, they are real pop-divas. Participants of Zemlyany band as well as all others were  a sure bet.

During the last years neither kozyrnaya party was held without Parade of the Restaurants. Kozyrnaya LOVE PARTY 2007 is not an exception. Having combined the culinary masterpieces and incredible love, the kozyrnaya karta restaurants have demonstrated to guests the Parade of Weddings! The finishing stroke of the parade was the performance of the Kozyrnaya Karta anthem. This time among the singers were not only managers of the restaurants and company ideologists, but also  Chorus of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Under Kozyrnaya LOVE PARTY  the fund raising was arranged to reconstruct the Ukrainian holy place, its famous landmark  - Kiev Pechersk Lavra. Having made the first contribution into the Fund of Kiev Pechersk Lavra Reconstruction, the Kozyrnaya Karta Company has appealed to guests to participate in the charity event and transfer the costs on  Kiev Pechersk Lavra  account. The event was also accompanied by the performance of the children chorus. The soft voices of the youngest have probably awaken the warmest and most tender feeling in the hearts, and guests were standing with the candles in their hands and greeting the performers. 

Kozyrnaya LOVE PARTY 2007 has proved once again that all efforts of its big team were directed at providing of the guests with all the best  - the best service, the best dishes, the best show and sincere Love!


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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

International Exhibition Center
Date: 14, 15, 16 June  2007
Number of guests invited: 22,000
Performers: Yuriy Antonov, Verka Serdyuchka, Mikhail Shufutinskyi, Tina Karol, Aleksander Ivanov and Rondo bands, Svetlana Loboda, Ani Lorak, Zemlyany band, Sahara band, Alexander Ponomarev, Iryna Bilyk, Ivanna Melay  
Anchors: Alexander Ponomarev, Iryna Bilyk
Presents: kozyrnye pillows, set of tableware and a cup

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