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Kozyrna OPEN AIR PARTY 2005
The biggest Open Air in Ukraine
The holiday of Tasty and Joyful Life on June 10, 2005 has acquired the status of the main summer hangout, gathering together more than 50 thousand of gourmands for Culinary Carnival. It was the biggest Open Air in Ukraine, besides, the only chance to see all friends during one evening
Event Description

Kozyrnaya PARTY is a legendary social party on which the most  fascinating audience of Ukraine as well as other countries try to get. The main mission of this  major event is to bring happiness to all the guests of Kozyrnaya Karta. For one night – to begin with.
Learning about the venue where the regular Kozyrnaya PARTY would be held, the experienced people have dreamily closed their eyes. Thousands of guests still remember one of the most driving parties — Kozyrnaya РАРТY 2003, which was held here, at the National ExpoCenter Ukraine Complex.

The night on June 10, 2005 has become the brightest beginning of the summer we could only imagine. Thousand admirers of Tasty and Joyful Life have left on this Friday all their affairs to become the part of unique and unforgettable event.  The name of this event  — Kozyrnaya Open Air PARTY 2005.

The space for event arrangement has occupied the hectares — there was enough space for everybody: for restaurants, their followers, and participants of sensational Restaurant Parade, which  was going around the ExpoCenter territory on a non-stop  bases.


Video on YouTube:

Part 1
Part 2 (I. Bilyk, V. Syutkin)
Part 3 (Restaurant parade, V. Kuzmin)
PArt 4 (V. Presniakov, I. Saruhanov)

Venue: National ExpoCenter Ukraine Complex
Date: 10 June 2005
Number of guests invited: 50,000
Performers: Vladimir Presniakov, Vladimir Kuzmin, Ani Lorak, Iryna Bilyk, Bi-2 band, Valeriy Syutkin, Ihor Saruhanov, Kristina Orbakayte
Anchors: Alexander Tsekalo, Anastasia Zavorotnuyk, Tina Kandelaki, Aleksey Kortnev
Presents: umbrellas

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