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Kozyrnaya PICNIC PARTY 2009
Everybody to the Garden!
The most expected event of the year – a huge Kozyrnaya PICNIC PARTY took place on June 13, 2009. Four white tents, huge stage on the water, 200 tables, 3,000 guests, around 10,000 kilograms of food and almost 5,000 liters of drinks – Kiev has not seen such a large-scale picnic yet!
Event Description

The most expected event of the year – a huge Kozyrnaya PICNIC PARTY  took place on June 13, 2009. Four white  tents, huge stage on the water,  200 tables, 3,000 guests, around 10,000 kilograms of food and almost 5,000 liters of drinks – Kiev has not seen such a large-scale picnic yet!

Despite the cloudy sky, on June 13, 2009 the Dva Bobra restaurant has gathered the stars of the Ukrainian and Russian show business, politicians, anchormen, businessmen and friends of Kozyrnaya Karta restaurant network.  Among the guests there were Konstantin Ivlev, Natalia Mogilevskaya and Konstantin Stogniy, Yevgeniy Chervonenko and Vlada Lytovchenko, Iryna Bilyk and Dmitriy Dikusar, Andre Tan and Yevgenia Gapchynskaya, Ruslana Pysanka, Yevgeniy Papernyi, Sergey Prytula, Yana Klochkova, Oleg Blokhin,  Masha Yefrosinina and other public persons. Before the beginning of the show program for the guests’ entertaining there was a show kitchen installed where the pilaf and 20 lambs were preparing. Warm friendly atmosphere and handed out cozy plaid have conquered the bad weather.

The banquet was arranged by the Holiday Service, the biggest catering restaurant. The waiters have given proper consideration to all guests, and the team of chefs has demonstrated the best culinary talents. The staff of Sparta XXI Century  security company has ensured safety of the event.

Boris clinic has undertaken the health care of the guests. Due to USP-Events company Kozyrnaya  Picnic PARTY has passed  perfectly and on the highest level.

Most of attention was focused on luxurious white NEMIROFF lounge, which was decorated with the bar made of ice.  Fagot (Oleg Mikhayluta) has taken fancy to it almost during all the evening. Admirers of lighter alcohol drinks were tasting the good wines from Georgia, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, and  New Zealand  in  WINE MAN wine bar.

However, the main show was still ahead: the best artists have given their performance on the stage, and the show itself was very  eye-catching and unforgettable. Potap and Nastya Kamenskykh have brought the driving mood  to the public, and Margarita Sichkar, Petr Pereverzev, Masha Efrosinina and Aleksandr Pedan were dancing with pleasure to their music. 

Then the fountains around the stage began to dance performing elegant pas with the water sprays.  People were really admired with the radial screen where the dance of elements changed with the logos of Kozyrnaya Karta restaurants.  Under the storm of applauses the members of Mashyna Vremeni band have taken the stage and brought some special hearty atmosphere.  The guests were impressed by the joint performance of the song by Andrey Makarevich and Andrey Zadorozhnyi. Cofounders of the Kozyrnaya Karta Restaurant Network have invited to take the stage all those who arrange holiday for restaurant guests every day. The anthem of the Restaurant Network was performed not only by staff  but also by the guests.  
Svetlana Loboda has expressed her love to the Restaurant Network not only in words but also by performing the energetic song.  The event has finished with the magnificent firework: there were millions of firework lights in the sky.
In spite of late hours the guests were taking their time: they with pleasure danced to DJ Light music and sang in Godzilla karaoke bar.

Separate acknowledgement in arranging of Kozyrnaya Picnic Party to the following people:

  • Lyudmila Holubitskaia and Vladimir Pynda  - concert department of Kozyrnaya Karta
  • Holiday Service catering restaurant
  • Vilaliy Ulitskiy - "USP-Events" agency
  • Timofey Tereshenko – Sparta XXI Century Company


Video on YouTube:

Козырний PICNIC PARTY 2009

Kozyrnye People program:
Part 1
Part 2

Film (duration - 25 minutes):
Part 1 (Potap and Nastya Kamenskykh)
Part 2 (А. Makarevich and Mashyna Vremeni band)
Part 3 (Svetlana Loboda)

Number of guests invited: 3,000
Performers: Potap and Nastya Kamenskykh, А. Makarevich and Mashyna Vremeni band, Svetlana Loboda
Anchors: Andrey Domanskyi, Slava Frolova
Presents: wicker basket for the picnic with the set of tableware


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