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Kozyrnaya UNREAL PARTY 2011
On December 2 the chain of restaurants “Kozyrnaya Karta” and the International Brand Nemiroff as the Title Partner created the Unreal Reality
Event Description

On December 2 the chain of restaurants "Kozyrnaya Karta" with the support of the Title Partner the international brand Nemiroff invited over two thousand guests to the Unreal Reality - to the Kozyrnaya Unreal Party 2011.

Sure enough the party turned out fabulous – colorful, memorable, fantastic – first of all, thanks to you, our dear guests! You have been attending parties which "Kozyrnaya Karta" organizes for you for 11 years already, you go to our restaurants in Ukraine and the United States for many years, you trust the Company, and we, in our turn, boundlessly love and appreciate you!

A huge contribution to the great atmosphere of lightness and ease was made by the Partners of the Kozyrnaya Unreal Party 2011 – brands and companies that are known and popular, valued and loved by great many of people. We have created this fabulous holiday together with you!

The most frequent guests of the large network of restaurants in Ukraine have brought together for the 11th time at the annual party in order to enjoy this great event created by the Team of people who are in love with life and their work.

Within the walls of the IEC, the celebration of an excellent taste and a good mood, where warmth and summer prevailed and even flowers bloomed, took place. The guests were treated to apples, champagne, presented with pleasant surprises by our partners, photo shoots were organized. Party decoration, which delighted the guests the entire evening, was a merit of decorators and designer of Krasnov Design.

The long-awaited show began as soon as the guests took their seats at the snow-white tables and turned to tasting dishes by "Kozyrnaya Karta" and the partners.

The guests were led to the unreal reality by admirable Vasilisa Frolova and Dmitriy Shepelev. Dmitriy followed the classic look as a real gentleman and Vasilisa, as a real actress, changed the roles and turned up to the guests as an angel or a flower. The change of roles was also eagerly supported by the musicians. In addition to their hit songs, the Ukrainian stars have also performed the compositions of the world celebrities.

By performing the song Rolling in the deep, Svetlana Loboda transformed into a singer Adele for a few minutes. Vasyl Bondarchuk, as it turned out, can extremely accurately turn into Lenny Kravitz, performing the song Hurt. Many people believed that Gnarls Barkley performs Crazy at the stage, but it was Tina Karol. Zlata Ognevich presented guests with a surprise by performing the song Frozen, which is usually sung by notorious Madonna. The question who sings Heart better – our Alyosha or Christina Aguilera – remains unresolved. Though the Englishman Sting sings the song Desert Rose magnificently, members of the Mgzavrebi band added a Georgian temperament and rich vocals to its sound. Justly, the title of the main star of the evening was given to DJ star Dimiti from Paris, who pleased the audience with a mix of famous and favorite hits from different countries and times.

The appearance of the MC in the image of a sunny angel-violinist was greeted by the audience with a storm of applause. She seemed to be hovering over the room and passed the warmth daily created by "Kozyrnaya Karta" restaurants to each and every person.

The party should not only be beautiful and memorable but also delicious! This truth is known both to the catering company "Holiday Service", which has organized a great feast for more than two thousand of visitors and the Title Partner of the party – the international brand Nemiroff, that introduced the guests its novelty – a new premium eco-product Nemiroff Distinct in a unique serving. In addition, OTP Bank offered the guests to exchange their old discount cards for the new trump cards-MasterCard combining the properties of both discount and payment cards.

Numerous established guests of the restaurants, friends and partners, pop and movie stars, businessmen, athletes, politicians, editors of popular glossy magazines, philanthropists, and other significant persons – Sergei and Alexei Bolshoy, Andrey Kishe, Hari Korogodsky, Olga Navrotskaya, Yevgeniy Paperny, Alexander Ponomarev, Vlad Ryashin, Yuri Falesa and many others – supported the party by their presence.

The most often repeated word of the evening was “unreal”. It truly was the unreal great party – Kozyrnaya Unreal Party 2011.

Video on YouTube

How it all began...
Tina Karol (Gnarls Barkley - Crazy)

Alyosha (Christina Aguilera - Hurt)
Alyosha (Naykrashcha (The Best)
B-roll on ICTV Channel
Svitlana Loboda (Adele - Rolling in the deep)
Mgzavrebi - Sting - Desert Rose
Kozyrny Anthem

Number of guests invited: 2000
Performers: DJ star Dimiti from Paris, Tina Karol, Svetlana Loboda, Vasiliy Bondarchuk, Zlata Ognevich, Alesha, Mgzavrebi band  
Anchors: Yuriy Horbunov, Vasilisa Frolova
Presents: hot bag for picnic, kozyrnaya cup and thermos jug

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