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Kozyrnaya WHITE PARTY 2006
All shades of white!
On the 1st and 2nd of September 2006 the annual "Kozyrnaya PARTY" has arranged the mind-blowing party for more than 12 thousand of Kozyrnaya Karta holders. Yet again the masters of the legendary company have painted the marvelous canvas and they have become alive playing with the bright colors of life.
Event Description

In 2006 the Kozyrnaya Karta Company together with ТМ SV and USP agency have arranged the most  high-status VIP-event of the year – Kozyrnaya  WHITE PARTY in ULTRA Style, party for the friends of the Kozyrnaya Karta. The International Exhibition Center for two days has become the biggest restaurant in the world, worth to be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, and has united all the restaurants of the Kozytnaya Karta network, the number of which in 2006 amounted to 60 including the restaurants in Ukraine and abroad.

More than 12 thousand guests among which were the famous actors, anchors, businessmen and politicians were accommodated around thousands of tables; having comfortable seats they were enjoying the scale of the banquet. 800 waiters were ready to satisfy any culinary preferences of the guests. There were a lot of food  – the tables were heaped with it, the quantity of snacks and drinks has far exceeded the expectations … There were also a lot of sweets, vegetables and fruits – the guests have eaten around 14 tons of grapes only.
As far as WHITE PARTY had to be not only the feast  for stomach but also the event for the sole, the concert program was not less rich than the menu.  

The anchors of the evening were marvelous Mikhail Shats and Tina Kandelaki. Both were in snow-white clothing, meeting the dress-code of the evening – WHITE- which looked ideal!
The opening of the program began with the performance of the FreeDom show ballet –  the real masters of dance – the water and fire have mixed at the stage, white gowns and sparkling dances have immediately set the holiday mood. The parade of directors  has given the possibility with one’s own eyes to see all those who put their daily efforts to help guests to forget all the troubles when they enter any of the network restaurant.   All guests had a chance to acquaint with those who day by day provide good service and friendly atmosphere in the restaurants, and all the directors and company ideologists have introduced the big young and professional team of the Kozyrnaya Karta  restaurant network.

The music part of the evening was performed by the real stars. Andrey Makarevich and the Orchestra of Creole Tango have set everybody in the incredibly romantic mood.  Samoylovy brothers from Agata Kristi band have proved that rock is still very much alive. The performance of Valeriy Meladze, the favorite singer of all ladies, was accompanied by waltzing couples. The key performer of the evening was the legendary Gipsy Kings (Manolo) band, who were given the concert in Ukraine for the first time. The performance of the French  group has pleasantly impressed the guests of the event.. It was impossible to stay at one place  – under driving sounds of flamenco all guests despite of their age broke into a dance! The main stars of the evening were however the invited guests  – famous politicians and businessmen, show business representatives, models, and many of them have followed the white dress-code. Everybody got the presents from Kozyrnaya Karta. Here one could see almost everyone! The atmosphere in the hall, smiles on the faces of the invited guests, driving dances to Gipsy Kings music…. All these definitely give the right to say that the event was the real success! And the words “We love you” written on one of the presents from Kozyrnaya Karta have really became symbolic in this evening   – the love of Kozyrnaya Karta to its guests and vice versa is really mutual!

On the 1st of September under Kozyrnaya WHITE PARTY there was the finals of the most popular ELITE MODEL LOOK Ukraine 2006 international competition, and the Kozyrnaya Karta company was the official supporter of it on the territory of Ukraine.

Competitors were really impressive and dressed in specially designed for Kozyrnaya Karta collection of evening gowns from Aleksandt Anisimov, and gorgeous diamond jewelry from Diamond Boutique, and of course there was walking out in swimming suits. After heated discussions the jury has determined the winner, 16 years old Oksana Skvortsova, who in November would represent Ukraine on the international competition ELITE MODEL LOOK 2006 in Thailand. One of the competitors has received the special prize from Diamond Boutique! Yevgeniya Bushueva has become the owner of luxurious ring with diamonds.

After all mentioned above it makes sense to say that Kozyrnaya WHITE PARTY 2006 was  a success! See you later on the next Kozyrnaya Party!


Video on YouTube:

Kozyrnye People program (part 1)
Kozyrnye People program (part 2)
Andrey Makarevich performance (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4)
Gipsy Kings band performance (part 1, part 2, part 3)


Venue: International Exhibition Center
Date: 1, 2 September 2006
Number of guests invited: 10,000
Performers: Andrey Makarevich and the Orchestra of Creole tango, Agata Kristi band, Valeriy Meladze, Gipsy Kings (Manolo) band
Anchors: Mikhail Shats, Tina Kandelaki
Presents: binoculars, CD-holder, music disks, pendants

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