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Miss Kiev 2007
Girls like stars
On February 20, 2007 Kozyrna Karta Restaurant Family had choosen the most beautiful metropolitan resident
Event Description

Third year running Kozyrna Karta Restaurant Family brings together the most beautiful Kyiv residents, competent judges and eminent guests at the beauty contest "Miss Kyiv." On February 20, 2007, in the concert hall "FreeDom" was chosen, among 25 other contestants, the most beautiful metropolitan resident.

Experts in the field of youth and beauty, including: Liliya Kuznetsova, Sergiy Matyash, Iryna Turbaevska Dmytro Kolyadenko and others evaluated the attractiveness of participants, their charm and ability to present themselves. Andriy Domanskyi and Yuriy Gorbunov the - idols of the public, were show presenters.

In addition to the show, the producer of which was Oleg Yefremov, Verka Serduchka indulged the public with music presents, and the sensation of the evening was a vocal performance by Dmytro Kolyadenko.
Show presenter Yuriy Gorbunov conducted a little auction. A unique collage of magazine covers and photos with the original autographs of Hollywood stars: Sharon Stone, Richard Gere, all performers of James Bond role and many other interesting and noteworthy lots were offered to the public. The initial price of lots - 500 euro - in the course of trading left far behind.

According to the results of the internet voting, which lasted several days on the website of Kozyrna Karta, winner of the title Kozyrnyi people’s choice, became member number 19 - Anna Parkhomenko, gaining 1,675 votes. The title of "Vice Miss Kyiv 2007" gained Ovcharov Darya, number 24.

High title of "Miss Kyiv" 2007 and the right to represent the capital in the contest Miss Ukraine 2008, was awarded, by the author of the project "Kozyrna Karta" Andriy Zadorozhniy, pretty contestant at number 1, Ostrovska Oksana.

All participants of the competition were awarded with valuable gifts from Kozyrna Karta Restaurant Family, diamond jewelry from the "Diamond Boutique" and Kozyrna Karta gold. And the most beautiful woman won a present from General Media partner - "Natali" - the right to take photographs for the cover of the May issue.


Partners of the event:

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