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Miss Kiev 2008
In a person everything must be beautiful
On December 10, 2008 Kozyrna Karta Restaurant Family has organized an exquisite event - a beauty contest "Miss Kyiv 2008"
Event Description

The fourth year in a row Kozyrna Karta Restaurant Family organizes sophisticated event - the beauty contest "Miss Kyiv." On December 10, 2008 the concert-hall FreeDom gathered actors, designers, businessmen and secular people to select the most beautiful girls of Kyiv. Among the many guests there were singers Ani Lorak, Natalya Mogylevska, Eugeniya Vlasova, Asiya Ahat, Gallina, actress Ada Rogovtseva, Olga Sumska and Ruslana Pysanka, designers Irina Karavay and Andre Tan, producer Ilya Noyabrov, Fagot (TNMK), artist Ilya Chichkan, sculptor Oleg Pinchuk, the artist Eugeniya Gapchinska, Olympic champion Yana Klochkova and Oleg Lisogor, world champion boxer Volodymyr Klychko, successful businessmen Eugene Chernyak, Harry Korogodskyi, Olexander Kardakov and many others. Show presenters were Yuri Gorbunov and Kuzma Skryabin, the producer of the show was famous stage-manager Oleg Yefremov.

The jury consisted of talented, beautiful and famous women - designer Diana Dorozhkina, soloist of the Opera and Ballet Theatre Elena Filip`eva, painter Eugeniya Gapchinska, Iryna Turbaevska, People's Artist of Ukraine Ada Rogovtseva, Chairman of "Miss Ukraine" and "Miss Russia" Liliya Kuznetsova, Ani Lorak, the compere of TV channel ICTV Oksana Sokolova, singer Eugenia Vlasova, known compere Carolina Ashion. The only man among the beautiful ladies was Sergiy Matiash - Honorary President of the National Committee of "Miss Ukraine". Their mission was to choose the main beauty of Kyiv, who will present the capital on the contest Miss Ukraine 2009 in spring.

During the show 24 participants showed their elegance in images of dancers (first appearance), accurate figures on the catwalk in swimsuits and jewelry from the store diamond jewelry DIAMOND-BOUTIQUE, dynamism and relaxedness at the demonstration of ESCADA SPORT collection Autumn / Winter 2008.

While the contestants were preparing for the final, Ukrainian pop stars took the stage. During the final 10 finalists chained the views of the whole audience, without exception, because in addition to gracefulness, sophistication and elegance they showed gorgeous dresses by Diana Dorozhkina.

After a short interview with candidates for a major title, that was a high time to award the winners.

The winners of the contest "Miss Kyiv 2008":

Miss Internet (based on the results of weekly internet voting on our website) - № 15 - Floreskul Nadiya, 22 years;

Miss Kozyrnyi Peoples Choice- № 21 Shako Maryna, 21 years old

Second Vice Miss Kyiv - № 16, Rymarenko Olga, 21 years old

Vice Miss Kyiv - № 13, Buriak Christina, 16.

Miss Kyiv 2008 became the member number 19 - Patsera Anna (24 years old).

All participants were presented with flowers and gifts from the organizers and partners of the competition, diamond jewelry from jewelry store DIAMOND-boutiques, as well as cash prizes and Kozyrni Golden cards from our restaurant family.

Videos on YouTube

Miss Kyiv 2008. part 1
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