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Avto-grill Myslyvets Odesa


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It was in 2000 when the first, the most anticipated AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets was opened. From the very first working day it has been offering 24/7 opening hours, coziness and comfort, high-quality service, various dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisine and a wide choice of grilled dishes – that’s exactly what automobile tourists need. During 18 years adults, children, loving couples, business partners and friendly companies have seen for themselves that all of this is true. If you travel through Ukraine and suddenly notice AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets sign blinking with cheerful lights, be sure – your trip will be successful and delicious.

Services: WOK, Banquets, Clock work, Grill
Cuisine: Home, Ukrainian
Work time: 24/7
Services: WOK, Banquets, Clock work, Grill
Interests: Summer vacation, Family Holidays
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