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8/14 Velyka Zhitomirska Str., Kyiv
+38 (044) 591-27-03, +38 (067) 434-70-77
Black Piglet 8/14 Velyka Zhitomirska Str. Kyiv




Business Lunch: From 12:00 to 16:00; 48, 69, 97 UAH


In one of the oldest parts of the capital, on one of the most picturesque streets of the city, the pub-restaurant "Black Piglet" is located. The restaurant is situated on the very location of the famous Kyiv tavern, or to be more exact - the tavern, which gathered the most influential waywodes of the Kievan Rus, and other citizens to resolve their disputes, to discuss important Old Russian affairs and to have high-quality banquets.

In a cozy room with massive wooden tables, sofas and chairs, as usual for a real tap house, modern lovers of beer will gather. Centuries later, the "Black Piglet" gathers together everybody who knows a lot about good beer. As at that time, today here lingers hopped spirit of fun, fellowship and fraternity.

"Black Piglet" has three rooms: the main and two for banquets, so it is perfect for a friendly beer parties, conceptual wedding, and for a great variety of celebrations and holidays. In the menu of the restaurant there are the best assets of national cuisines of Germany, Austria, Hungary and Ukraine. The pork is treated with great reverence here. The menu is full of delicious dishes: a variety of meats, special homemade sausages, original and favorite dishes from poultry and fish (and poltavskyi crucian carp, which is sung in the "Aeneid" of Kotlyarevskyi!), as well as vegetarian meals, and, of course, pork knuckle "Aysban", prepared under the author's recipe of the chef Oleg Bilous - which you will not find anywhere else in Kyiv!

The cozy atmosphere of the restaurant "Black Piglet" again and again attracts visitors for companionship, excellent beer and big delicious snacks. That’s why - "Do not grunt your happiness!"

Cuisine: Home, European, Ukrainian
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Work time: From 12:00 am to 24:00
Discounts: According to Kozyrna Karta face value
Average cost per person: 200 UAH
Services: Banquets, Children's menu
Entertainment: Llive music, Sports broadcast
Interests: Summer terrace, Family Holidays
Parking: Yes
Business Lunch: From 12:00 to 16:00; 48, 69, 97 UAH
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