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Kyiv, 30a Lesi Ukrainky blvd
+38 (044) 285-48-05
Kazbek 30 Lesi Ukrainky blvd Kyiv






"Kazbek" looks like a self-confident man of mean age - not fussy, elegant, knowing what he wants and how to get that. That's the portrait of the most frequent guests of the venue - politicians, businessmen, who know the true sense in pleasure, prefer to conduct business talks in calm atmosphere of this restaurant. Do you want to know why?

First of all, Georgian cuisine is just perfect here. There is only one answer to a question "where are the best satsivi and kumchachi liver cooked, where is amazing pahlava served?". "Kazbek" restaurant.
Second thing. The atmosphere here is friendly and hospitable so one can spend all day here watching busy boulevard, or the cook, who is creating another masterpiece in Tone oven, or barmen who is concocting another cocktail at the bar. Sometimes guests prefer talks with sommelier, who usually tells various interesting facts about world famous drinks and always advises best drinks for the chosen dish. We also suggest to arrange a wine-testing in the special area new wine board, where there several hundreds bottles. In the evening the best way of spending time is listening to marvelous singing and piano playing. At that very moment poetic toast will sound and the table will be full with aromatic hachapuri, shashlyks, satsibeli, greens, pahlava.

The third, but very important thing - perfect service. The restaurant was highly marked by guests and by professionals. Three years on end it stays the best restaurant of the network. Your automobile will be quite safe at guarded parking.

Due to blameless work of our waiters, every guest feels himself to be hospitable proprietor. And whatever you plan to arrange - noisy banquet, business meeting or romantic date - you can be sure - it will be perfect!

You shouldn't be a Georgian, but You should visit "Kazbek"!

Cuisine: Georgian, European
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Work time: From 11:00 am to 24:00
Discounts: According to Kozyrna Karta face value
Average cost per person: 300 UAH
Services: Banquets, Children's menu, Breakfast
Entertainment: Children's Room, Llive music
Interests: Summer terrace
Parking: Yes
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