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Kyiv, Boryspil highway, 18 km
+38 (044) 585-11-65, +38 (044) 585-11-75
Kozatskyi Stan Boryspil highway, 18 km Kyiv




Count goals with MEDOFF
Every ball in the goal gets an additional 10% discount to the value of your Kozyrna card for the best ТМ MEDOFF vodka!
25 june 16 1409 views
Specialty of the house snack
Until July 10 order a bottle of any ТМ MEDOFF vodka and get the specialty of the house snack "from Chef" FOR FREE!
21 june 16 1346 views
"Cheering together!" – feel the soccer passion, "cheering" together with "Kozyrna Karta" restaurant family and ТМ "Medoff" in our restaurants!
08 june 16 1488 views
Thomas Gugler in
On June 5 2016 in Kiev, hotel-restaurant complex “Kozatsky Stan” held a historical master-class from world-class chef Thomas Gugler, developed exclusively for Ukraine
07 june 16 859 views
Electric vehicles refueling in
You can now refuel your electric vehicle in "Kozatsky Stan"!
10 may 16 587 views
Open platforms season in
"Kozatsky Stan" is ready to meet its Guests on classy summer platforms and open alcoves of the complex
05 apr 16 1102 views
Lenten menu in
In hotel-restaurant complex "Kozatsky Stan" – tasty and satisfying Lenten menu
05 apr 16 855 views
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