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Kiev, Gogоlevskaya str., 25
+38 (044) 537-70-70




Business Lunch: 12:00-16:00, 75, 95, 115 grn.


On the crossing of Gogolevskoy and Vorovskogo Streets, among the urban noise and vanity of the capital, a piece of real France has hidden - a comfortable Krep de Shyn restaurant.

Once you open the door of the restaurant, you’ll immediately have a sense of Paris streets and small coffee houses where  it’s possible to scent the fresh baking in the mornings and see the little candle lights in the windows during the evenings.

However our restaurant is mostly popular for crepes - a special type of thin lacy pancakes the recipes of which have originated from the far Brittany. Over forty types of gentle French crepes with fillings for every taste, prepared from six kinds of flour,  won’t leave any gourmand indifferent! But it would be a real mistake to leave this place without appreciating the magic  taste  and a variety of other dishes.

Krep de Shyn restaurant  is a great place for those who want to hide from routine and daily troubles in the casual atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Three light and comfortable halls - Shale, Shapo and Krepye Hall - can accommodate up to 60 guests.  

This is an ideal place for the morning cup of coffee, light breakfast, tasty lunch or romantic dinner. At any time you will be warmly welcomed with sincere smiles of familiar staff and gentle aroma of preparing crepes.

"Krep de Shin" restaurant now has a Cork Free service (when you can, for a certain fee, open your own alcohol).

Service fee is: light alcohol - 100 hrn, strong alcohol - 0,5 l - 150 hrn, strong alcohol - 0,7 l - 250 hrn.

Become wrapped up in a charming atmosphere of home comfort and warmth in Krep de Shyn restaurant.

Cuisine: Home, European
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Work time: From 10:00 to 23:00
Discounts: According to Kozyrna Karta face value
Average cost per person: 120 UAH
Services: Banquets, Vegetarian (vegetable) menu, Breakfast
Interests: Summer terrace, Romantic date
Parking: Yes
Business Lunch: 12:00-16:00, 75, 95, 115 grn.
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