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AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets






Today there are already 9 of them - on the main motor routes all over Ukraine... And it was in 2000 when the first, the most anticipated AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets Sofiivka was opened. From the very first working day it has been offering 24/7 opening hours, coziness and comfort, high-quality service, various dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisine and a wide choice of grilled dishes - that’s exactly what automobile tourists need. During 8 years adults, children, loving couples, business partners and friendly companies have seen for themselves that all of this is true. If you travel through Ukraine and suddenly notice AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets sign blinking with cheerful lights, be sure - your trip will be successful and delicious.


AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets Mironovka
103 rd km of М-4 Kyiv-Znamyanka Route, Rossava village, Mironovsky district
Тel.: +38 (067) 500-29-41
Opening hours: 8:00 to 23:00

AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets Shevchenkovo
15th km of М-14 Mykolaiv-Kherson Route
Тel.: +38 (067) 515-35-05
Opening hours: 24/7

"AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets Odessa"
Odessa region, the old lighthouse, ul.Dorozhnaya 1
Tel .: (067) 550-16-31
Hours: Round the clock

AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets Odessa
Odessa region, Starye Majaki, Dorozhnaya, 1
Tel.: +38 (067) 550-16-31
Opening hours: 24/7

AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets Poltava
74b Kyivske Route, Poltava
Тel.: +38 (0532) 68-04-62
Opening hours: 24/7


AUTO-GRILL Myslyvets Kryvyi Rih
116b/1 Kuprina Str., Kryvyi Rih
Тel.: +38 (056) 409-09-01
Opening hours: 24/7


Cuisine: European, Ukrainian
Services: Banquets, Vegetarian (vegetable) menu, Children's menu, Breakfast, Clock work
Entertainment: Playground, Sports broadcast
Interests: Summer vacation, Summer terrace, Separate houses, Family Holidays
Parking: Yes
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